Tuesday Night Small Groups

Santa Cruz Formal Lounge

Francois Bekker 605-492-3065

Santa Catalina Fiesta Room

Lucas Choi 951-215-9100

Anacapa Formal Lounge

De’Shaun Brown 951-447-2818

Wednesday Night Small Groups

Santa Rosa Formal Lounge

Dejane Allen 916-561-9608

San Nicholas Formal Lounge

Jairo Medina 805-275-3638

Small Group Santa Rosa

Why Missional Small Groups?

Gauchos in Missional Small Groups realize that we are on campus not only to gain a degree for a career, but also to seek the good of our university and the glory of God. We long to see the gospel advanced among our peers and within UCSB’s structures and cultures. Missional Small Groups help our moment to grow holistically. Members grow in love with God, God’s Word, & God’s people of every ethnicity and culture.

What is a Missional Small Group?

Missional small groups of students recognize that they are on campus for a reason. We band together, motivated by our relationship with Jesus to participate in God’s mission for UCSB, welcoming the incoming kingdom of God through both internal transformation and external work toward reconciliation, justice, and healing.